1Question: How old is Mavis?
She was apparently built in 1952 (the same year Queen Elizabeth II became Queen) but not registered until 1956.
2Question: Is the photobooth easy to use?
Yes, it is. Mavis has the latest Photo Booth software, with easy to follow touch screen instructions. One touch and you’re taking photos.
3Question: How many photo strips do we get?
There is no real number as to how many strips you can have. The only limit is the size of the roll.
4Question: Can we do video recording as well as photos?
Yes, you can. Guests can leave personal messages for you.
5Question: Can I design my own logo for the bottom of photo strips, or do you do that?
We can do the design for you or alternatively, if you have a .png/.jpeg image that you would like to use instead, we can absolutely make that happen! Send it through. Logo Image size must be 570 x 380 pixels.
6Question: Do I get to keep my images after the event?
Yes, you will get a digital transfer after your event with photo strips and videos attached. The link is valid for 7 days so you have time to download and save however you choose.
7Question: Do you cater for all events?
Yes, Weddings, Engagement’s, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Corporate Events, or if you just want to party.
8Question: Do we get props (sunglasses, hats)?
You certainly do. And feel free to provide your own.
9Question: Is Mavis only for outside events?
No, Mavis can be placed inside if access is available. She looks great in warehouse type venues. We have catered at venues like The Black at Albion and The Lighthouse in Brisbane. Please see our Social pages for images. Please call your venue or us to check accessibility. Alternatively, we are happy to chat to the venue on your behalf.
10Question: Will Mavis fit at my event? What are Mavis’s measurements?
Mavis is 3.5m long, 2.4m high and 2.1m wide (Up to 1m is needed for the chill out area, if possible). She also needs a place that’s flat to sit. This ensures she is safe and secure for your guests.
11Question: What about power?
Yes, Mavis will need access to power, but we provide our own power leads.
12Question: How long does it take to set up?
We always allow at least 1 to 1.5 hrs to set up and 1 hr to pack up which is included in our “Event Deal”
13Question: Does the outside styling come with Mavis?
Yes, it does. Set up and pack up is completed by us. We do try and have a few different styling options.
14Question: What about wet weather?
Unfortunately, we do not have control over the weather, the only reason Mavis would not attend, is if she could not get access to your venue site, due to conditions as a result of the weather. (this decision would always be in consultation with you and the event manager)